PR Friendly

 I am a "stay-at-home-mom" with 3 wonderful children living at home. They range in ages from 9 down to 2 year. We love animals and have a dog, 2 Degus, 2 goats and 24 birds (standard chickens, Silkies and Guineas)!! I love to bake and cook and I am always looking for the next best thing in cleaning and household products. During the summer (and winter months too) we enjoy the great outdoors. We tent camp, hike, fish and "play"!!

Performing a review not only gives you the opportunity to get your product viewed on my blog, but also gives my readers a chance to snag something that might be beneficial to their daily lives or that of their child's.  Obviously, in order to perform a review I would need to be provided with your product prior to posting so that I am able to give my honest opinion about my experience with the product. I will only give my honest opinion to my readers!

I am also open to doing giveaways in addition to reviews.  Giveaways are a great way to get more people interested in your product, and they also help me to provide a nice reward for loyal readers of 365 days of my life as A MOM. Hosting a giveaway gets more readers involved, and in turn allows your company to gain more customers. Entrants will be required to follow your company through Facebook/Twitter and/or your website! I will promote the giveaway and your company through my blog/twitter and Facebook account. It's good for my blog & good for your company! I prefer that you (the company) ship the winner their product but I am open to shipping it as well.

If you feel you have a product that relates to my blog content & my readers please feel free to contact me at