Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Bucket List **UPDATED**

I've decided to start a "bucket list" for the year 2011! It isn't going to be JUST for me but for myself, Jason and all of the kids. Thought it would be something fun and motivating to do! I will add to it as I think of more things and cross off items as they are completed!

  1. Book a Disney Vacation for 2012 (or at least save enough money for one)
  2. Camp in a New York State Park - we've camped lots before but never in a State Park
  3. Compete in the Crappie Derby, Whitney Point NY - or Ice Fish this Winter
  4. Complete the Chenango County portion of the Finger Lakes Trail
  5. Get 500 blog followers
  6. Go snowtubing
  7. Hike to at least one firetower this summer
  8. Potty train Brooklinn
  9. Take a trip to Sandy Island Beach - Lake Ontario
  10. Take kids on a train ride
  11. Take Raileigh skiing or snowboarding
  12. Take the kids to NYC
  13. Sell our house
  14. Move the girls into the same room and give Eian his own
  15. Eian says =shoot a bulls eye with his bb gun
  16. JJ says = go swimming
  17. Eian says = get a bow and arrow
  18. JJ says = spend the night at a friends house
  19. Eian says = go deep sea fishing
  20. Raileigh says = go to a Broadway show
  21. Go dog sledding
  22. Improve the look of my blog
  23. Go to Enchanted Forest this summer
  24. Go river tubing