Friday, June 17, 2011

Things are crazy....

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog lately. And I guess I have been!!!! Just a quick update:

1) We haven't moved yet. But things are starting to fall into place and hopefully we will be closing on both houses and we will start moving  before the end of the month!! I'm really anxious to get in there and get settled. I feel like most of my life has been packed up in boxes for months....oh wait IT HAS!!!!!! We drive by the house quite frequently just to see if we see anything new. On one such trip we saw a BEAR!!!! So I will be busy teaching my kids what to do in case they come face-to-face with one!! I have had some nice chats with the neighbors...they have informed me that there is also two "cute little bobcats" running around over there and quite a few coyotes as well. Other than that, it is just as peaceful as always.

2) Raileigh is graduating from High School in ONE WEEK!!!! So I have been busy writing and sending out invites for the party. Making out menus and shopping too!!! We have quite a bit of family staying at our house (where ever that may be) so I have been moving things around to accommodate them! I can't believe that Raileigh is already old enough to be graduating from High School!!!! She has decided to go active duty in the US ARMY. She will be leaving for training on October 31st at Ft. Jackson South Carolina.

3) Mathew and his fiance (Cassie) are expecting a BABY!!! So I guess that will make me a Grandma...LOL!!! I'm not ready for that term yet! I was freaking out about turning 35 this summer but I guess that is nothing compared to this :)

4) I bought 6 new baby chicks and 2 new baby guinea keets! So that brings the grand-total "bird" count to 20!!!! I have put a "egg shed" out by the road to sell eggs out of. It is working really well in fact, I started buying white eggs from a friend of mine and putting them out there too. I run the shed completely on the honor system and I am happy to report that everyone has been honest so far!!!!