Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Puppy and all the fun that comes with him

A few weeks ago (right around Valentine's Day) my husband came home with a new puppy! He's cute and little and (at times) can be a pain in the butt - LIKE RIGHT NOW.....he won't stop barking!!

He is a CHI-A-POM
And we named him Snickers - goes well with our other dogs name - Milky Way (do you suddenly want some chocolate?)

We are working on potty training. I don't remember it being this difficult with Milky Way. It seemed like when I trained him it only took a week or so. Different dog - Different training! We can't let him run lose around the house. We have to either leave him in his crate, attached to a leash hooked to my chair or have him sit on our laps. If we let him run around then we find hidden piles of poop and puddles of pee everywhere!! I try to take him out every hour or so and praise him as he is going so that he knows it is good. And when I catch him in the house I'm sure to let him know it is bad as he is going.

What tips and tricks do you have?