Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chicken Coop Problems!

My hens are finally laying eggs consistently! I am getting at least 2 or 3 a day! Now that they are laying them more often I'm starting to realize the problems with my coop!
  1. there are too many "hidden" places in there. We have some extra pieces of wood and lattice that are stacked up in the corner of the coop. I had no idea that the chickens would use this to their advantage. They are getting into little areas and laying eggs in there. So everyday it is like I'm having a Easter Egg Hunt! Last week I found a nest that had 10 eggs in it. That many eggs made one of my hens to go broody and she wasn't happy when I took the eggs away. Last night I found another hidden nest, this time only contained 2 eggs (one of which was frozen and no good). For now, I'm going to play along and allow them to lay in the hidden nest I found last night and maybe that will prevent anymore from being made!
  2. my hens are only using one of the 3 nesting boxes to lay eggs. Right now that isn't causing much of a problem because there are so few eggs being produced. But once all 10 of them start laying it could pose a problem. For now I will stick this problem on the back burner
  3. I have been filling the nesting boxes up with hay and I also have been filling them up with wood chips. Ive also filled them up with hay and wood chips combines. I'm trying to find that perfect "nesting material". Now that the nesting boxes (or box) is getting more use the material is being thrown out of the nest. I found a cracked egg this morning and a completely broken one just a bit ago. I'm going to have Jason put a taller rim on the front of the box and see if this will rectify the problem. I really hope so because I hate the thought of a wasted egg!
I cooked one of the eggs I found this morning right up. And it was a double yolk! Doesn't that mean good luck??


Tanya said...

Very interesting. I'm getting hens soon and this is all very helpful.

Erica Hall said...

I'm glad you find this all helpful! I'll be sure to update when I find out solutions!! How many chickens are you getting? And what kind are you getting?

Danielle @ Happenings of the Harper Household said...

New follower from the Where in the World are you Wednesday blog hop! I'm in Canton, Ohio - how about you?

Just Married with Coupons said...

Wow! That must be a lot to keep up with but it sounds like you have some good ideas in place!

Thank you so much for stopping in for Where In The World Wednesday! Very fun to learn a little bit more about people! ;)

See you soon,