Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/5 My daily contest/giveaway entries - you can enter too :)

  • COOKING! I love to do it and salt always seems like a staple in any recipe. But did you know that salt can also be used for more things than just cooking. People use it for things like freshening flowers and relieving stings. For more ideas check out: Morton Salt. And for your chance to win a Morton Salt giveaway package visit "Two of a kind, working on a full house" - this ends on: 1/24/11
  •  Accent Studios specializes in high quality vinyl, which we turn into amazing wall graphics. Vinyl wall decals are an in-expensive way to add great non-permanent designs to your wall space. They are ideal for rentals (residential and commercial), or apartments and dorms; Virtually any wall or surface that you want to bring to life. 2 lucky winners will receive a GC to Accent Studios. One winner will win a 25$ GC and the other a 10$ GC. You can find out details on how to enter by visiting 3 Princes and A Princess 2 - this ends today! 
  • Di you know that only 6% of Americans get the recommended daily servings of vegetables. Birds Eye Vegetables wants to help Americans make sure they eat their daily servings. One lucky person can  win a gift basket which includes: a Apron, recipes and a $100 American Express Gift Card. Go check out "Two of a kind, working on a full house" for details on how to enter - this ends: 1/24/11