Thursday, March 24, 2011

Introducing the new Hens to my existing flock - day 1

Some of you already know that I bought two new hens about a week ago. They are older hens and I was told they should start laying in a few weeks. I put them into a separate coop, next to my existing coop which houses the original 10 hens.

Today I decided is the day to combine them -

This is new to me - I have never had to introduce new birds to my existing flock. For this I turn to my handy-dandy book - "Raising Chickens for Dummies"

 "Adding some new hens to old hens is the most frequent type of introduction in small flocks. Don't just toss the new birds in and hope for the best. If you've ever watched females of any species fight, you know how vicious they can get. Ty to introduce more than one bird at a time, though, so the bullying will be divided up a bit. Expect some fighting, and don't interfere unless a bird is injured and bleeding. The flock is establishing a new order, and after they all know their places, the fighting will cease. Remove any bleeding birds because they may be quickly pecked to death. Keep an eye on newcomers for a week or so and make sure they're getting to the food and water. if they stay huddled in a corner, you may have to remove them. "

The new hens have been in a coop right next to the larger coop for about a week. The older hens have spent a lot of time looking and talking to the younger-newer hens. I have decided to put them into the outdoor run of the larger coop and see what happens. I hope there is no blood and not a lot of fighting. 

I wonder if egg production will drop at all because of this?! Wish me luck - I will be sure to keep you updated!!


Jill said...

Hi there

Just stopped by from Thursday's blog hop. How interesting you have to introduce your new chickens! So if you have to remove any bleeding chickens - do you then try to reintroduce them later, or will they be outcast forever then?

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Erica Hall said...

Welcome Jill!!! I don't know the question to that - hopefully I won't have to find out either! Thanks for the follow - I'm heading to your blog now :)

Sleppery said...

Ohh! Such a cute chicken! Love the browns.

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anne said...

I am jealous that you have chickens. We had some a few years ago, but moved and had to get rid of them. I miss the delicous eggs. Nothing quite like them.
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What's in a name.. said...

So interesting !!! and fresh eggs !!

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Sami said...

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Rose said...

My daughter had two chickens but since it was our first time caring for chickens we didn't have them properly protected. A cat got one and a fox got the other. Now we're planning to build a proper chicken coop and run and try again.