Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to enter blog giveaways

I've started doing some giveaways on my blog and since I have done this there have been lots of questions about how to enter. I think the easiest way to answer is to write a post that covers this.

When you first start reading the mandatory and optional ways to enter into a giveaway it can seem a little overwhelming and confusing - but I assure isn't! Just like you I was once confused too (sometimes I still am - OK most of the time I am). There are still some answers that I don't know, so I will just tell you what I do know! My blog uses blogger and I don't really know very much about wordpress.

First thing is first - in order to leave a comment on a blog you are going to need to create an account so that I will know who you are. The easiest way (I think) to do this is to create a google account - it's free and it's easy! Go here to do this:

Now on to the entries -

Most of the time there is going to be a mandatory way to enter - that means YOU HAVE TO DO THAT or your other entries WILL NOT count. Mine is usually to visit the sponsors page and leave me a comment telling me something. Once you have left your mandatory entry comment you can move on to the optional or bonus entries.

And these are just that OPTIONAL!!!!

You do not need to do these but by doing so you are going to GREATLY increase your chances of winning the giveaway that you are entering for. Sometimes a optional entry will say something like this:

"follow the sponsor on twitter (2 extra entries)"

that means that if you click on the twitter link and click that follow button you have satisfied the requirement for that entry. So now it is time to leave your entries - notice that it says "2 extra entries", that means you will need to leave TWO COMMENTS!!!! They can say something like this:

"I follow the sponsor on twitter #1 - Erica"
and then
"I follow the sponsor on twitter #2 - Erica"

ALSO - be sure that you leave contact information when you enter - this is usually your email address! How are we going to reach you if we don't have your email??!!

And doing the daily entries (like sharing on Facebook and voting on Picket Fences) is another great way to increase your chances of winning.

I think I have covered everything, but if you still have questions - just use the comment button below to ask them! thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!!


LeeAnn said...

Great post! The main thing people should remember is to either make your email address visible in your profile, are leave it in the comment. If I can't get in touch with my winner, they can't win. Another big thing is that if you are taking an optional entry, make sure you actually complete that entry. Don't say you're following on Twitter if you're not. I don't know about you, but I always verify my winning entry.

shopannies said...

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Hope said...

I am a new follower from the Friendly Friday blog hop. I would love a follow back!!!

I absolutely love Chobani yogurt! We buy the big case at Costco! What a great giveaway!

I have a giveaway that will be posted by tonight, come check it out when you get a chance!


Hope said...

I also followed you through the Networked blogs. I just love your blog and can't wait to come back!