Thursday, February 10, 2011

it's been crazy

It's been a crazy few weeks around here. Because of that, I haven't entered into ANY giveaways in a very long time! I really need to get back to doing that. I have been thoroughly enjoying the prizes that I have won - the TASSIMO brewpot and the SODASTREAM maker.

I was without a phone for almost 5 days. Eian went out to check the chicken coop for me and was so excited to have found the largest egg yet! My Father has an "antique" egg scale at his house. You put the egg on it and it will tell you what size (small, medium, large) it is. Eian REALLY  wanted to weigh this egg to see how big it was and to eat it as well. Sometimes the larger eggs have 2 yolks and the kids think that is pretty cool! So I put the egg in my pocket and took all of the kids out to the car. YES I forgot the egg was in my pocket - had I remembered I probably would have taken it out before I decided to clean the car out!! Bet you can't guess what happened??!! The egg broke and it broke on my phone. Not too much of the egg got on it but it must of been enough to shut it down for good! We contacted the phone company and they sent a replacement phone out to me - they did say that if there is any sign of water damage then I will be responsible for the price of the replacement phone - but I can't honestly wasn't damaged by water :)

I have some new pictures to include in my "life as a mom" - at least I hope I do, they were on my old phone but I'm pretty certain I sent them first.

I also have some awesome recipes to share!

And we went away last weekend and we were able to cross some things off of our bucket list!


LessThanPerfectParents said...

The best thing I ever won was a $10 Amazon Gift Card. I was still thrilled I won something though:)