Friday, January 14, 2011

Our House - it's a very fine house!


A few months ago we decided to put our house on the market. It's a great house and we love our house! But it just doesn't seem to fit our needs anymore! We have neighbors here even though we are considered to be in the "town of Bainbridge" or the country as some might describe it. Most of you know that I have 3 smaller, very loud and energetic children. Not to mention a dog that like to bark....a lot! I always feel like I'm (we) are disturbing our neighbors. We have our eyes on a "new to us place". There are no neighbors, just a couple of cow pastures! Don't get me wrong - we aren't going to be completely secluded, there are people just across the road. But this new house seems to fit us better. There is a two car garage - a HEATED two car garage. The basement is finished and is just screaming for the attention of my husband and my kids! There is plenty of room for my chickens to be free-range, as well as our dog! And most importantly, all of the kids could have their own rooms if they so desired! It's in the same school district too!

I really do love our current house. Especially my kitchen which we designed ourselves!!

We've had one person come to look at it and they loved it! BUT they have a dining set that is a family heirloom that they just can't get rid of and it won't fit in our dining room :( We just had another call from a Realtor and someone is going to be coming tomorrow to look at it! YAY!!!! OUR SECOND SHOWING!!!! Here are some more pictures! And if by chance you are interested - let me know!!!!


Hootiebee said...

newest follower from bloggy moms. Hope you come see me at Cute house!

Karen said...

I love your kitchen too! That would be hard to leave but the new house sounds like a fun adventure!

Mommy's Hangout said...

I love your Kitchen! I am sure you will be able to sale! Good Luck and thanks for coming by my blog!

Hyde said...

I love that house!!!!! Good luck on selling.
New follower