Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Buying Beef In Bulk

I had a lot of people asking me about buying beef in bulk. So I thought I would write everything up in a nice little post for you :)

We buy our beef a "side" at a time. Basically, it's a half of a cow! It usually costs us around $2.35 a pound but that varies from year to year. You get a choice of cuts that you would like - Filet, London Broil, Top Round, Bottom Round, Ribs, Ground, NY Strip, Chuck, Stew Meat etc! And regardless of what you get it is still $2.35 a pound. We find this to be a great deal!!!!

Usually we end up paying for 600 pounds but the last time it was almost 900! And this meat will last us about one year. We know the farmer that we buy it from and we see the cows in the pasture, so we know they aren't crammed into a small stall all of their lives. It makes me feel better to know where the animal is coming from and how it has been raised. Ant at the same time we are supporting our Local Farmers and we are buying local (which is something we try to do).


Turning the Clock Back said...

I buy local, grass fed beef too. I like knowing that the animals are treated humanely!
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Debbie said...

That's a lot of beef! Following you from Tuesday's hop.
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Allegro Mama said...

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I'm with Debbie--that IS a lot of beef :)

247Mama said...

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Jen said...

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Anonymous said...

I think that is one of the best ways to buy meat. It sounds like a lot up front but especially for you with a big family, meat from the store isn't too cheap either! Plus nothing tastes better!!!