Saturday, January 22, 2011

#22 On My Bucket List = Completed

 #22 on my bucket list was to improve the look of my blog.'s improved!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I feel like the new design is more "me"! When I originally added this to the list, I had every intention of doing the improvements myself. But it proved to be too difficult for me - I don't understand html code etc.

So??!! What do you think? Do you like it??

I want to thank PIP Designs! She was very speedy and precise in her design. I didn't have to change a thing!!!

Our Princess in PigTails Designs


Alyssa said...

Love it!!! It couldn't be more perfect!! Can you let me know the name of the font that Erica is in, I used it at work for some stuff and now that I don't work anymore I can't figure out what it is!! I love it and want to use it for my receipe book I'm re-doing!! Thanks!

b. lee said...

ur spot is adorable * excited to explore ...

~ new follower *