Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A *hint* and preview of what's to come!!!

A few months ago I had the BRIGHT idea to start a "craft" or "hobby". I decided on bath products - and called myself, "Buzzin' Balms & Body Essentials". Tomorrow is my first show or party, depending on how you look at it. I still have much to do to prep for tomorrow and many things to make (bath bombs, massage bars, cupcake bombs, body butters). I decided that the easiest way for me to accomplish lots would be to drop Brooklinn off at my Mother's for a bit. Which if you know my Mother, she is ALWAYS happy when I do that.
So I found myself getting TONS accomplished - took a spin to Binghamton and made up lots of product. I went down to pick her up around 2:30'ish or so. So picture this: I walk into the house and there is my
sweet, precious angel Brooklinn:

In case you can't tell what that is around her neck - that would be a pair of my Mother's underwear and a sports bra!! LOL - YES they are clean, I was sure to ask! Brooklinn absolutely LOVES to play in laundry...that is probably half the reason why my house is always cluttered with various blankets, towels, hats, shirts, pants and yes...sometimes even underwear :)