Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27 - My daily Contest/Giveaway Entries - You can enter too :

What an awesome way to wake up in the morning! I had a direct message tweet sent to me about an awesome giveaway that I won - a value of $129.99!!!!!! What could it be??!!

Here are the giveaways that I am entering today!!
  • I entered a giveaway to win a Mozaik Plastic partyware setting for 8! They look just like the "real" thing! Everyone that knows me, know how many get togethers we have (especially over the summer). These would be GREAT!!!! You can find the giveaway at Val's Kitchen this ends on 1/6/11
  • These shoes are so CUTE!! They are called "City Slips"  City Slips offers a way to still stay glam yet comfortable! City Slips are "Foldable Ballet Flats that Fit in Your Purse"! I found a giveaway for these at "Just Married with Coupons" ends on 1/9/11
  • I love to cook and hangout in the kitchen - so anything "kitchen" always is exciting to me! So when I saw this giveaway for a 3 piece chefs set from Shenzhen Knives I was excited. You can find the details on how to enter at "Two of a kind, working on a full house" - this ends on today
  • I entered the Rubbermaid and Sharpie Holiday Goodies Giveaway at Army Wife Life and Reviews this ends on 12/31  - I WON!!!!!!
  • I entered the Flings Holiday Bins giveaway. These things are cool and sure would come in handy next year for Christmas. This giveaway is also at Army Wife and Reviews and ends on 12/31
  • I entered into the Spinmaster Toy giveaway at Army Wife and Reviews and this ends on 12/29
  • I received a new Blackberry Torch for Christmas and I'm already finding myself running into problems when I'm trying to use the touch screen while I have gloves on. So I was really excited when I saw this giveaway for Agloves!! Agloves are made entirely of a special type of fabric that will work seamlessly with any touchscreen. I found this give away at "Confessions of a Vi3tBabe" - it ends on 1/9 
  • How much time do you spend in the kitchen? If you spend as much as I do then you might want to check out this giveaway at "Two of a kind, working on a full house"!!  She is giving away a GelPro Floor Mat - The anti-fatigue floor mats are manufactured with a soft, shock-absorbing gel core. The unique properties of the GelPro gel enable GelPro mats to provide the most comfortable surface to stand on, regardless of the type of hard flooring you have in your home. This ends on: 1/17
  • I've entered to win a set of 10 Spike Gourmet Seasonings from 2 boys + 1 girl = one crazy mom. This ends on 1/10/11
  • I can only imagine the possibilities of what I could do if I won a Silhouette SD Giveaway valued at $300!!!!  I found this giveaway at “FAMILYLICIOUS”!!!! This ends on: 1/2/11